Tattoos = Charles’ American Express Card

I got lost on the way to the store that makes signs.  I had a phone book with me and looked up other sign stores and found two near where I had gotten lost.

This morning I decided that I needed to go ahead and order two or three auto magnets for my window cleaning business.  Bumper to bumper marketing or something like that is what the little marquee in my head was flashing.  As I said earlier, I got lost on the way to the sign store but found another one and now that I’m an adult I decided to get two bids and compare them.

Place 1 was 7 or 8 dollars more expensive than Place 2 but when I got home after getting lost again I called Place 1 and asked them to MAKE ME SOME MAGNETS!

Why did I choose Place 1?  I know you’re waiting.  The woman at Place 2 stood behind her desk, took my info and told me how much it would be.  I had to ask her if she would print out the quote.  I think she was expecting me to say AWESOME, MAKE ME SOME MAGNETS! right there, but I didn’t.

At Place 1 the young woman walked outside with a TAPE MEASURE and figured out the best dimensions.  Inside Place 1 there were two guys making art/signs or whatever and they had tattoos.  These tattoos weren’t hidden and one of the guy probably didn’t have a mother that took him to the dentist.

Place 1 was happy to hire people with tattoos and allowed them to face the public.  WIN


~ by charleshaleblog on April 21, 2011.

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