Hawks win Joaquin freaks. 200 words

Last night I went to a buddies house to watch basketball, eat pizza, and drink beer.  My team won, the pizza people brought us an extra pizza, and I was able to buy beer in the store and it was already cold.  Perfect.  End of story.

It was fairly early in the evening, this being mountain time, and my buddy flipped the netflix on tv menu around.  “Oh, there’s that fake Joaquin Phoenix documentary,” I said and he scrolled back.  He asked if I had seen it and I said I hadn’t and then told him briefly what it was all about.  He hit play then things got wicked weird.

Train wreck, mary jane induced laughter on camera, hookers, potbellies.  Naked men, repeatedly.  Or one man in particular.  The downhill slide of celebrity and even though I knew it was supposed to be a mocking thing Joaquin is a pretty good actor and probably sometime in the two year art project stopped acting.  The movie was 1:45 and I don’t know if it needed to be that long but there was no not watching.  Too fucking strange happening.

It’s a good thing my team won the game.  This makes 200 words in this blog.


~ by charleshaleblog on April 23, 2011.

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