Kissing Dog Hair Palace Cow

After listening to the basketball game on the radio I stuck the dog outside.  Now the downstairs of my duplex smells like it’s been vacuumed.  Boy, a lot of dog hair came up for only being here three weeks or so.

I also cleaned the kitchen while listening to this music.  It was awesome and now I’m ready for company.  Come over, there might be ice cream.  The band is called Two Cow Garage and I’m still listening to them.  They were very loud the only time I’ve seen them live.  LOUD.

Other than that there was a bike ride today, I said good morning to a lot of people out on the trail.  No one said happy Easter to me.  I might have stopped and kissed them.

And because I was sure you were wondering where this was, here is an interview my friend Cara Hoffman did with Will Oldham.


~ by charleshaleblog on April 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Kissing Dog Hair Palace Cow”

  1. Happy Easter, Charles! (a little late, but…)

  2. kisses upon you.

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