Grown Up Granola Really? Ruffle

Earlier today I joined the Fort Collins Board of Realtors.  This is my first proffesional organization and I feel really special and like a grown up.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear a tie but probably not.  A shower seems like a nice first step.

Tecnically my business joined the FCBR and my hope is that I can wrangle some of them into hiring me to wash their windows or their clients windows.  This seemed like reason enough to join but then I heard they had young proffessional parties and that they were fun.  “really?” I asked because I didn’t expect there to be fun involved.  But I was reassured that these parties were fun.  I know you’ll be waiting around for the report of the first young professional party.

I bought a box of green Natural Valley granola bars at the grocery store and if you know me you’ll know why this is significant.  I hope I can recycle this box after I eat all of the deliciousness within, but who knows, maybe the Colorado collection begins.  But I hope not.

What did you do today?  Ruffle feathers or kill?


~ by charleshaleblog on April 25, 2011.

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