This Ongoing MAGNET Situation

This is the email I sent to Sign A Rama of Ft. Collins this morning.  The owners do not post their email addresses so I had to send it via the general contact us form.

Good morning-
Ten or twelve days ago I came into Sign A Rama looking to purchase auto magnets to advertise my business 
on my car.  Your staff member was very helpful and listened to what I wanted and then walked out to my 
car and took measurements to determine what was best for my order.  She then printed me out a quote and 
told me to call her is she could help.  Later I went to Signs Now to get a quote.  The woman there never
left her desk and seemed disinterested in my business.  So I decided that even though the Sign A Rama
quote was about ten dollars more expensive that I would purchase my magnets from you.  I appreciate 
quality service and am willing to pay a little extra for it.
My magnets were made in a timely fashion and when I came by the shop to pick them up they looked great.
I was given some helpful advice about washing my car before installing them and periodically removing 
them to protect my paint job.

Unfortunately, after I washed my car I was unable to get the rear magnet to stick.  When I called Sign A
Rama I was told that this situation had only happened once or twice before and I was told that I could 
purchase a permanent decal to replace the magnet at a discounted price but that I was out of luck in 
regards to the magnet that I purchased that didn't work.  This was a terribly disappointing response.
I walked into your store to purchase auto magnets with the assumption that you and your staff would be 
knowledgeable about auto magnets.  Your staff member walked out to my car and saw exactly were I wanted 
to place the magnet.  I find it hard to believe that a 2009 Toyota Matrix is such a rare car that this 
situation has rarely happened or if it is so rare I would expect that you would realize that you had 
made a mistake.  I told you what I wanted and where I wanted to use it and you sold me a product that 
didn't fit the needs I had outlined.  I understand that mistakes can be made but your response to that 
mistake is very unsatisfactory.
Not only will I not be using Sign A Rama for my future sign needs I will not be shy about reporting my 
unpleasant experience with others.

Charles Hale

~ by charleshaleblog on May 3, 2011.

One Response to “This Ongoing MAGNET Situation”

  1. OK. so I thought I fixed the formatting but I didn’t get it all the way. Sorry if that bums you out. I’ll fix it later.

    And no word from anyone at Sign A Rama about my complaint.

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