duplex suburbia

i cut the grass in my backyard this evening.  joe lon thinks this is play time and eats blades of grass and runs around and looks at me and chews sticks and gets in the way.  it took a little over an hour i think.  i played one album and then a few songs on shuffle, that’s how long it took.  i cut grass the hard way.

the other day clint asked if i had met the neighbors.  there’s a guy in the next duplex over, a yard between us, that i talked to one day, i told clint.  i was playing with joe lon in the yard and this guy was standing by his door and looking at his little dog barking.  clint asked me if he had a shirt on, i told him yes but it didn’t have sleeves.  sometimes he wears overalls.  i think my neighbor said his name was tom but can’t really remember.

see, this grass cutting is interesting for two reasons.  first, this is the second time i’ve cut my duplex lawn since moving in and these are the first two times i’ve cut grass in eight or nine years.  the last time i cut grass was with the same mower i’m doing it with now.  it’s clint’s push mower and by push mower i mean without a motor.  it rained everyday last week and the grass got higher than i wanted it to get before the cutting.  but whatcha gonna do?

so i’m in my backyard of duplex suburbia and i’m listening to music on the headphones.  and these aren’t the tiny little earbud things that would be hard to see if you were, let’s say, two yards over and wearing a shirt with no sleeves.  no, these were big honking headphones that cover the whole ear and block out other noise.  that’s why i like them.  i was working the mower, struggling i guess it looked like from two yards over in a shirt with no sleeves.  and i swear i hear something that isn’t coming from the headphones.

i had seen tom earlier and ignored him but now i pulled the headphones off my head and asked ‘do what?’  ‘you need some gas for that’ he said and i should have said ‘you need some sleeves for that’ but didn’t.  we talked across fences a bit then i went back to pushing and pulling.  it got dark, i got finished, this is life in duplex suburbia.


~ by charleshaleblog on May 23, 2011.

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