big difference and the spectacle of spectacle/hot wings.

This past Saturday my married friend sent a text.  His wife and daughter were out of town and so he was lonely and free to do about any damn thing.  So we texted back and forth and decided to eat.  “Where,” I asked because I’m still new in town.

“We could just walk around and see what looks good,” he said.  Boom-Saturday plans.

Then I did some laundry and rode my bike to the meet up spot.

We both arrived with headphones in our ears.  He said pizza I said and wings.  Sitting outside was mandatory.

We ordered 10 wings, 4 pepperoni rolls, and chips & salsa.  It was decided that we would eat and drink water and then walk over to this other place, sit outside, and split a pitcher of PBR.

While we were waiting for the food I got a text from Joe Ricker.  He had written something and wanted to share.  The text read-When my wife moves her ass it’s like a refrigerator door opening.  There’s a promise of something tasty but really, there’s nothing in there but cold.-I texted back that he should use that as the opening line of a story because I would read to find out what was next.  And that if he didn’t use it then I would.  I’m pretty sure that my version of the story would go somewhere wildly different than his.

Then the food came and we ate.  I didn’t think about my phone or much of anything.  We could have done without the chips & salsa-though it did come with cheese dip but that tasted like the shit you get at a baseball game.

There was a motorcycle rally/event going on a block over from where we were eating and after we paid the bill we wandered that way just for the spectacle of the spectacle.  I’m down with bikers.  They embrace their trashiness and exhibit no shame.  The we saw some bmx dudes and ramps and guys on sport motorbikes.  We waited and were treated to a demo where dudes do those crazy things on motorbikes like back wheelies and standing on the seat.  It was like watching videos on the internet and being able to smell the burnt rubber.

Then we went and drank a pitcher of PBR and listened to people talk to loud.

and now that I think about it.  this was not last Saturday it was last Sunday.  big difference.



~ by charleshaleblog on June 2, 2011.

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