dapper gentlemen.

these were great people and not just because they were going to write me a good size check for cleaning their windows.  but check writing doesn’t hurt.

i showed up at 8am and wasn’t surprised when the man of the house followed me into the first room I was set to clean.  he had talked a bunch when i went by the week before and gave them an estimate.

i learned he was 85 and i would consider him both a sport and dapper.  he plays the organ in the living room and his wife plays the piano.  they do this at the same time and have been for 40 years.  this is sweet.  he also builds models or fighter planes because he flew a bomber in WWII and flew some single engine planes for fun when he got home.  he knew his wife before they dated and the day of their first date he buzzed her house a few times.  when he came to the door to take her out that night she asked if he was the guy in the plane earlier.  he said yes and she said if she wanted to date her he’d have to give it up.  later he found out that her brother had been a navy pilot and was killed in a plane.

now he builds really really intricate models, he showed some of them to me, and flies on simulator on the computer.  he had a joystick and talked about how real it was, or at least as close to real as he could get.

he said you could land a plane on the Hudson River just like that pilot did and saved a bunch of lives.  then he said that the first three times he tried to land on the river there were no survivors but now he’s figured it out.

did i mention he was 85 and even though i didn’t need the help he got down on his knees to help me move some of their couches.

it was a good day and not too hot. and there was a check.


~ by charleshaleblog on June 2, 2011.

One Response to “dapper gentlemen.”

  1. Sounds like a dapper guy for sure! Very cool Low Anthem video.

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