the woman across the way.

Often when I’m sitting in my duplex I leave the front door open.  Joe Lon likes to look out the glass of the screen door, also it lets in a little more sunshine.  The woman across the way works at Wendy’s.  I don’t know which one.  I know this because I’ve seen empty cardboard boxes stacked in her car.  I’ve also seen her in her uniform, she must work the early shift, because she often gets home around noon.  Today she had a bag of food, a drink cup, and what I think must be some chili in her hand.  But what kills me is that she always has her apron on.  This is weird, right?

The apron is supposed to be where the yuck lands, the bits of tomato, the extra mustard, the gunk of raw burger.  Yet she wears it home.  Is she afraid of losing it or that one of the other Wendy’s people will steal her apron.  Maybe she’s got the good one.


~ by charleshaleblog on December 14, 2011.

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