Duct Tape, Jogging, Spears, & White Russians

I am not a man who generally enjoys theme parties.  Please don’t invite me to a pirate party or a terrible xmas sweater party.  I’ll come by, participate in the general atmosphere, laughing at the appropriate time and probably making other guests laugh at some point during the evening.  Why do we have to spend money on outfits to make this event happen?  We don’t.

That said I spent last Saturday night at an intellectually witty theme party.  I had my doubts but was generally stoked and had an excellent time.  The idea her was that we had to dress as something you would find above the 60 north parallel.  Get out your globe.  I borrowed part of a furry wolf costume and made a spear out a pole, a little cardboard, and some duct tape.  It was a hit and the party was a good time.  I had my first white russian and my first shot off of one of those ice shoots. Good times.

Earlier this week I went on a very slow jog with my dog.  We dodged ice and snow and I cursed people who hadn’t shoveled their sidewalk.  Toward the end of my slow jog I spotted a car.  It was parked and I came upon it from the rear.I don’t know if the duct tape was holding the trunk(with spoiler) down or it was holding the bumper up but either way I wished I had a camera phone with me.  It was well done.


~ by charleshaleblog on December 15, 2011.

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