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this blog doesn’t see much traffic.  but that’s ok, i took several several months off from posting, and i’m not sure why anyone would need to look into this thing very often anyway.


allow me to take you behind the velvet curtain for a moment.  one of the things that wordpress tells me as the blog owner is the things people search for that lead them here.  there are two searches that have popped up a couple of time.


1. UFC glasses.  of course UFC is mixed marshal arts fighting and someone might be looking for weight classes and accidently typing weight glasses instead.  that’s not a story to tell your momma about.


2. naked men in glasses.  this is the frightening one.  i hope that if you found this blog searching for naked men in glasses that you will leave a comment below.  we will not judge you nor will we speculate about who you are, we, the people who read this blog and know each other in person, will only comment about you at social occasions.  like a bar or party.  you always wanted to be famous, right?  here’s your chance.


~ by charleshaleblog on December 20, 2011.

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